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weatherboard house in Balmain

7 ways to smarten your weatherboard

Here’s a quick checklist of the ways you can maximise the value of your weatherboard home.

Why apartments make lifestyle sense

A cheaper entry price, convenience and a desire to maximise leisure time are three key benefits to buying an apartment rather than a house. Any decision should be weighed against your financial and property ownership goals, of course, but often the mental tug of war between buying a house or an apartment is ultimately influenced…
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4 hot apartment design trends

Here’s four hot new trends in apartment design features to help you buy or sell your next apartment.

5 loan hoops you will need to jump through

The five standards you’ll need to meet to get a home loan.

Why you should be careful with interest-only loans

Is an interest-only loan right for you? New banking regulations mean you need to be careful.

How to inspect an apartment

Searching for the right property can be a tiring process if it stretches from weeks into months. Cutting corners on how thoroughly you look at it is understandable as a sense of despair sets in. But that’s a grave error. If an apartment grabs your attention, then double-down on a basic inspection before you get…
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12 smart tips for buying an apartment

Smart apartment buyers consider each property with a clear vision and will not compromise until they’ve found exactly what they want. Here are our tips for buying an apartment.

apartment articles

6 of the best apartment trends

New apartment buildings are offering a lot more than just a couple of bedrooms, a lift and hotel-styled bathroom. We look at the trends smart buyers are going crazy for this year. Value and design Buyers are aware of the pressure on home prices and will be keen to strike a deal with developers on…
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Why you should use a mortgage broker

An increasing number of borrowers are seeking the services of a mortgage broker following revelations at the banking royal commission of business practices among the major Australian banks. Using a broker doesn’t necessarily cut the banks from the picture but it can provide reassurance that you’re getting the most suitable deal in the market. There…
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Why real estate makes everyone so stressed

Selling your home can be stressful even when the process is well organised and proceeding as expected. There’s a lot going on at a psychological level that can make you feel deeply uncomfortable even when things are under control. Let’s take a look at why you might be feeling unsettled: It’s common to feel anxious…
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