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Here are the most commonly asked questions

about using articles from Real Content.

Can I edit the stories I use?

Yes! You are welcome to add your own comments to stories or shorten or use just snippets. We just ask that if the story has the general advice recommendation, you leave that at the bottom. Please note that if you edit a story you take on legal responsibility for the piece including fact-checking, libel and defamation.

Can I add my own quotes?

Absolutely. The aim of Real Content stories is to help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and putting your own comments in will improve your SEO by making it uniquely yours. Put your own comments in quotes to give the story a real newspaper feel. But please note that if you edit a story you take on legal responsibility for the piece including fact-checking, libel and defamation. 

How do I access Real Content

Sign up to our website and browse the stories either by the headline, category or keyword. Once you have subscribed you can unlock the content. Photos are supplied as JPGs.

What if I don't like the photos used?

Change them! Our photos are really just to generally illustrate a story and make it easier to differentiate them on our site. If you've got a shot that works better the way you want to run the piece, use it by all means. Just make sure you have the appropriate permission to use the photo. 

Can I use my own photos to illustrate the stories?

Absolutely! It's a great way to creatively promote the properties you're selling.

Can I use these stories in my EDMs or emails?

Definitely! Please do! Our relationships with businesses like ActivePipe has been a major motivator to us creating Real Content and we passionately believe the real estate industry needs to deliver more than just property listings as content.

Can I put the stories on my website?

Each article has a defacto landing page that you can brand with your own details, logo, photo and call to action. But you can also copy and paste stories on your website as an acceptable use under the licensing agreement.

Can I post the stories on social media?

Yep! Absolutely! Posting stories on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is covered in our acceptable use.

Can I use the stories in my printed material or advertising?

Ditto. Knock yourself out.

Who owns the copyright on stories in Real Content?

Real Content is the copywriter owner of all stories written and hosted on the Real Content website. By subscribing, you are granted a licence to use the content as per our acceptable use policy.

Can I share the stories with colleagues so they can use them too?

This depends on your licence. It is acceptable to use content for more than one user in your office if you have purchased a multi-user licence. It is NOT an acceptable share stories with other parties if you have purchased a single user licence. Regardless of licence it is not acceptable to download stories and share them to third party businesses (ie: other offices in your group). It is a breach of the acceptable use policy to allow colleagues to copy stories and reproduce them for their own purposes either by giving them the stories, sharing your password or selling the story to a third party. Such use is a breach of copyright and the Real Content licence and involves heavy fines and the cancellation of your subscription. If you are in doubt, please drop us an email and we'll let you know if you're good to go, or need an additional subscription.

Can I sell articles in the Real Content subscription service?

If you would like to resell or bulk purchase Real Content stories to incorporate them into your own subscription product such as a CRM or dashboard, please contact us to discuss a corporate licence or reseller agreement. 

Who writes the stories in Real Content?

Real Content is staffed and run by experienced journalists who specialise in writing about the property and mortgage industries and design and renovation.

Can I request a specific story to be written?

We always welcome new story ideas and can usually turn around appropriate ones in 3 working days or less. Please send them through to our Suggestions box. If your idea is approved, the story will be written and added to the general pool free of charge. If you would like to commission a piece for your own exclusive use, an additional commissioning fee will apply. The price of this fee depends on how long you wish to retain the licence exclusively. See our Corporate pricing.

Will you write a story about me?

Real Content offers a custom commissioning service. We'd be happy to write a piece that fits your brief or help you find a newsworthy angle. Check out our super reasonable custom commissioning rates here.

What if I disagree with the recommendations in a story?

All our stories are thoroughly researched and facts are verified through multiple sources. It's possible from time to time you may personally disagree with some of the content. When this happens you are welcome to make edits or choose a different story that resonates more closely. Real Content cannot make changes to articles based on individual requests. 

Why is the general advice sentence at the bottom of some stories?

While it is acceptable to provide general information in blogs and marketing material, there is strict legislation to ensure that only Australian financial services licensees and authorised persons may give financial advice. Any information that could be construed as financial advice is governed by ASIC. The articles on Real Content are general in nature and do not seek to provide financial advice. You should ensure that the general advice sentences are included in anything you use that has a financial flavour to it to demonstrate that you understand this distinction. 

What is the best general advice sentence I should use?

We strongly recommend you use the following paragraph at the end of financial stories: "The information in this article is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not intended as a substitute for financial advice and you should consult with a licensed financial adviser who will take your own specific circumstances into account."

Can I remove the recommended advice line?

We strongly recommend you do not remove the general advice line from articles where it is present. To do so is a breach of the Real Content terms and conditions.

What happens if I receive a complaint about a Real Content article that I have used?

If you receive a complaint about the content of any article that you have used from the Real Content platform, please contact us immediately via email, outlining the issue and attaching a copy or link of the article as it appeared in its finished form.

Are there any risks in using or editing a piece from Real Content?

There is always some small risk in posting content publicly for all the world to see. The journalists at Real Content have extensive publishing experience and are well versed in avoiding issues such as plagiarism, fact-checking, sourcing, defamation and libel.

If you edit or add your own comments or quotes, you should also write sensibly by:

  • Avoiding copying and pasting paragraphs from other people's work into your piece.
  • Never write things that you know to be factually untrue. If you are unsure about the veracity of a fact, look it up online and confirm from three independent and credible sources.
  • Never write anything that attacks or discredits another person.