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Selling with kids

We all love our kids. So much. But let’s be honest, there can be a lot of work involved in putting your home on the market, and juggling the demands of small people can add to that challenge. But rather than simply hoping it all works out okay and then finding yourself completely losing your…
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Kylie Davis founder of Real Content

Guide to great photos

The main image of your home will be the first thing that potential buyers see. Here’s how to get it right.

7 tips to choosing an apartment

An apartment is a great option if you want a low maintenance lifestyle, improved security or want to be able to afford to live in an area that would otherwise be out of your budget. Look for: A great location Choose an apartment in a suburb where they’re a major part of an area’s housing…
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Why real estate makes everyone so stressed

Selling your home can be stressful even when the process is well organised and proceeding as expected. There’s a lot going on at a psychological level that can make you feel deeply uncomfortable even when things are under control. Let’s take a look at why you might be feeling unsettled: It’s common to feel anxious…
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Andrew Winter: Why properties don’t sell

Andrew Winter, the host of Selling Houses Australia explains the most common reasons why properties don’t sell.

How to spot the next upcoming suburb

How can you find the suburb that is the next big thing?

How to deal with defects in your dream home

How do you ensure the dream home you’re about to buy doesn’t become a money pit?

4 rules when preparing your home for sale

4 rules to consider before you prepare your home for sale

How to give your home street appeal

How to ensure your home makes a good impression when you decide to sell

Why we love Federation homes

Federation homes are a distinct Australian style of home that are beautiful as well as valuable.