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How parents can help their kids buy a home

Loan guarantees are possibly the fastest way to help young, first-home buyers enter the market. In most cases, parents will mortgage a portion of their own home to help their children meet property prices that would otherwise be beyond their reach. It’s a popular strategy when a market dips and buyers want to move quickly…
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5 things to do before you apply for a mortgage

There are multiple steps to take before applying for a home loan. Here, we break down the basic steps to make sure your experience with a lender is as smooth as possible. Save for a deposit Set an overall target and timeframe for the amount you wish to save. Make sure you put aside a…
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Tax deductions for investment properties

Owning an investment property is a little like running a business. It provides a great source of income and builds personal wealth but inevitably comes with a series of costs that hit your bottom line. The great news for property investors is that many of these expenses are currently tax deductible. It is a common…
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10 top tips to save for a home

Saving for a new home or your first home is one of life’s biggest challenges but there are some great approaches to help you achieve you target amount faster. Saving for a property can take many months, even a couple of years. While it can feel a little isolating, many others are out there in…
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What the Royal Commission into Banking means for homebuyers

Major changes to obtaining a loan are being put into place after the Royal Commission into Banking revealed rorting and conflict of interest in the operation of some banks and financial advisors. Stricter guidelines are already being adopted across the banking industry and the impact is already evident with a squeeze on credit and downward…
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8 expenses to budget for before you buy a home

An outline of the eight major additional expenses – on top of your deposit – that you’ll need to budget for.

5 loan hoops you’ll need to jump through

The five standards you’ll need to meet to get a home loan.

Why you should be careful with interest-only loans

Is an interest-only loan right for you? New banking regulations mean you need to be careful.

Why you should use a mortgage broker

An increasing number of borrowers are seeking the services of a mortgage broker following revelations at the banking royal commission of business practices among the major Australian banks. Using a broker doesn’t necessarily cut the banks from the picture but it can provide reassurance that you’re getting the most suitable deal in the market. There…
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A guide to pre-approvals

Getting your finances in order and having a mortgage pre-approved is one of the first things you need to do when buying.