Spooky designs to haunt this Halloween

Forget hardwood floors, walk-in pantries, and eco-ratings. With everyone’s favorite holiday now upon us, these must-have design features this month will haunt you forever. 

Below is a look at the spooky design ideas that are hellishly hot right now. 

Wet-look walls

Whether it’s wallpaper that spontaneously oozes slime or – for the more ambitious – blood seeping through the brickwork, wet-look walls are the latest water feature that is all the rage. Amp up the terror of guests when they enter your home by strategically installing wet-look walls in the reception area or hallway.

Deathtrap stairs

Where do those stairs go? They may go up, but it’s how you come down that has really got designers swooning. Life-threatening stairs are the latest must-have feature that can add value and cull annoying family members. True fashionistas are mastering the art of the trip hazard on landings with carpets that magically straighten after the deed is done. Decorate with family portraits of long-dead ancestors.

Portals to other worlds

Entry-level portals are bathroom mirrors that self-fog and then reflect the world of the undead. But if you’re after luxury, consider the top-of-the-range wardrobes that transport you into an alternative reality or time travel to another era: this one really amps up the value of your home.  

Bodies in the basement

What is that smell? It’s the smell of money as your home price rises as the unfortunate dead under your house mature. Bodies in the basement are, quite rightly, difficult to secure, but the value they can add to your home is significant for those who have the cash, olfactory strength, and moral depravity to embrace this new design trend. 


Forget your regular hauntings. If the house isn’t rocking, don’t bother knocking! Poltergeists are fetching a premium for homeowners at the top end of the market, with designers loving their ability to bring color and movement to otherwise drab spaces. 

This article is intended as some fun in the lead-up to our favorite holiday and has absolutely no bearing on a real property estimate – although I’d be delighted to provide you with an appraisal or help you find your next home. Happy Halloween!