4 rules for a successful sales campaign

Selling your home doesn’t need to be a stressful time when you apply these four rules for success. 

1. Tap into emotion

Your home needs to make a powerful emotional connection. You’re selling a lifestyle, not just bricks and mortar. Research shows 80% of buyers will make a decision based on gut instinct rather than logic, so give them a reason to fall in love with every decision you make around photos, presentation and wording in your advertising.

2. Great photos are vital

In this age of Instagram and social media, getting great photos of your property has never been more important. Instagram means you can have, for example, four photos which are all tagged differently to attract different markets. Make sure your property is looking clean and tidy when the photographer visits, and you should think visually when you’re making decisions about how best to present your home. 

3. Sell the dream

Every property has strong points. You want to emphasize the best bits and downplay any weaknesses. So, work hard to make sure the highlights are the most obvious. Even if your property has some serious shortcomings, then as your real estate agent we will sell the dream and your property’s potential. Is it location, the site size, floor space, or closeness to schools or transport? Whatever the feature, be sure we will focus on it for you. 

4. Selecting the right marketing channels

It’s critical to market your home. We’ll list it through the MLS and make sure other agents know it’s on the market. But it’s also worth creating mailouts and flyers and even video or a walkthrough we can promote on social media and target to the right audience.