10 storage solutions to help you sell

No matter what age your home is, storage is one thing you can never have enough of. Having things neatly put away creates a sense of space in the rest of the house – and that has a direct impact on the value of your home when you come to sell it.

Here are 10 ideas for storage solutions that will enhance the value of your home and create extra living space.

1.      Customized open shelving – It’s not the cheapest option, but if you have your shelving made and fitted professionally, it can be a real feature. Bookshelves add a wonderful sense of warmth to the home, especially if you sell in the Fall or Winter, and they can fill awkward corners or nooks and make them useful. You can add a touch of style by the way you stack the books, leaving some upright and others on their side for visual variety. Consider installing lights to highlight your collection.

2.      Vintage advantage – There’s no doubt that key pieces of furniture from the same era as your home complements the overall look and feel of the property. Be on the look-out for dressers and standalone cupboards that will add character and help you store essentials if your home is older. 

3.      Go floor-to-ceiling – This is arguably the most striking of all storage alternatives. A bookcase or shelving that covers an entire wall has a wow-factor, especially if your budget stretches to classic wood, such as mahogany, maple, beech or red oak.

4. Wall cabinets – Fine quality wall cabinets are a great storage choice in larger rooms, and they can be used for displays of china or antiques that deliver another touch of charm to your home.

5.     Kitchen capers – Buyers always love an island countertop. Those with built-in storage are always remarked upon by buyers during inspections. Kitchen containers are a great way to keep your pantry tidy, and this again leaves a positive impression with buyers. If your home has limited storage in the kitchen, buyers will notice. So, make the kitchen your storage priority.

6.     Better bathroom – Practical vanity and wall cabinets are essential in family homes. Prospective buyers love a beautiful bathroom but are quickly turned off by impractical ones. Even hooks on the back of the door, where you can hang towels, can make a big difference.

7.     Furniture focus – When buying new furniture, such as a bed or a couch, consider those with built-in storage solutions. No end of sins can be covered up by hiding them under a bed!

8.     Buyers love built-ins – No matter the size of the bedroom, a built-in wardrobe is a big tick for most buyers. If your budget doesn’t stretch to installing those, then use an open clothes rack with a bottom shelf for shoes to keep the room tidy.

9.     Hail the hall – Another high impact area for storage – especially shelving – are halls. Given that nothing much ever happens in a hall, an open shelf of books or ornaments will add extra interest to the home. Or use corners to create cupboards for linen or brooms and cleaning equipment.

10.   Office efficiency – With working from home now normal, owners are increasingly dedicating a room or section of the home to work. Here is a great chance to install storage solutions and shelving that works beautifully with a workstation. Think creatively to remove the clutter.