8 tips for a great relationship with your agent

An ability to set clear expectations will set the tone for a successful relationship with your real estate agent.

Even after you’ve selected the agent from your top candidates, it is still important to dedicate time and effort into forging a mutual understanding. Communication is a two-way street and your role in this relationship is just as important. 

It will help your agent to understand your reasons for selling and your financial circumstances or employment situation.

Your agent will assume you’re seeking the best possible price in the shortest possible time. It’s how you work together to achieve those results that will determine your ultimate satisfaction with their work.

Here are some tips for creating a great relationship with us:

  1. Set out your expectations for price, time on market, and the regularity with which you’d like your agent to communicate with you. Be clear on how you wish to hear from them – phone, email, or face-to-face
  2. Be open to their feedback. It’s designed to get you the highest possible price for your home. 
  3. Agree on how to handle any miscommunication, disagreement or dispute in advance. A good agent will have a resolution process for such circumstances
  4. Understand how your agent will relay prospective offers to you
  5. Be prepared to modify your thinking in response to their professional knowledge and ongoing market movements
  6. Agree on how much money will be spent on photography, marketing, improvements and any styling; and how the agent will account for funds they spend, especially for digital and social media advertising.
  7. Ask and follow up with your agent on how they approach prospective buyers on their database to sell your property
  8. Make clear the times that would be convenient for open and private inspections, and how much notice you might need