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7 ways to identify trouble in older homes

If you’re thinking about buying an older home, it’s essential you conduct a building inspection to check if there are any flaws. Even if issues are revealed, you may still decide to go ahead with the purchase, but it’s important you have a solid idea about the cost of any repairs.  Discuss with your builder…
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How to inspect an apartment

Searching for the right property can be a tiring process if it stretches from weeks into months. Cutting corners on how thoroughly you look at it is understandable as a sense of despair sets in. But that’s a grave error. If an apartment grabs your attention, then double-down on a basic inspection before you get…
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Tips for buying at auction

Many buyers are unnecessarily frightened of auctions. The drama of the deadline, the patter of the auctioneer and the crowds competing to bid can be intimidating to newcomers. But if the property you love is for sale by auction, it pays to be prepared. Here are some tips to help: Attend as many open for…
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What to do when you’re serious about a property

If you’ve found a property you love, how do you make sure it’s also a sensible option? Here are the next steps.

The pre-settlement walk through

It’s advisable to do a final inspection before settlement. Here’s what to look for.