Content That Doesn't Cost the Earth

Quality journalism can cost you thousands of dollars and can take so long to turn around!

No matter how much– or little – content you need, we have a plan for every budget.


If you are an ActivePipe customer, RealEstate Content can be integrated into your ActivePipe account giving you unlimited access to content for your email marketing. Instead of paying by credit card, it will be added to your ActivePipe account.



per month unlimited access to stories for up to six agents



per month unlimited access to stories for a single agent

(All prices ex GST)

Add RealEstate Content to your ActivePipe subscription

Master email marketing all in one place. RealEstate Content articles stream directly into your ActivePipe account making it super easy to create engaging email campaigns and improve your open rate and lead capture. Interested? Drop us an email and your ActivePipe account manager will be in touch.