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Seven ways buyers can beat auction nerves

It’s Saturday morning, and you didn’t sleep much last night. Over and again, you kept picturing in your mind today’s auction and how you’re going to win it, and lose it. When your dream home goes under the hammer, anxiety and nerves creep into your thoughts about the prospect of missing out to someone with…
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Top tips for bidding at auction

Bidding at auction for your dream home can be a stressful yet exciting experience, and several strategies will enhance your chances of winning the property. Always be prepared for someone who has deeper pockets and a greater desire, but it’s possible to exert some control over the process. First of all, you should gain from…
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7 ways to survive your auction-selling nerves

When your most important asset is about to go under the auctioneer’s gavel, there would be something wrong if you weren’t just a little nervous. But you can limit your anxiety by making sure you and your agent have covered off all the elements of marketing and pre-sales activity that are within your control. There’s…
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Why Kiwis love online property auctions

We are all adopting technology at lightning speed to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis, and this is never more evident than in the real estate sector. With Level 2 emergency restrictions in place, we can now conduct open house inspections and even outdoor auctions within strict social distancing guidelines. Even so, buyers and sellers have…
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6 ways to set your pricing strategy

Few property conversations evoke as much passion and worry as setting a price for the sale of your home or a reserve price for a forthcoming auction. It pays to remember that a home will only sell if its price meets the market and that inflated expectations from vendors are one of the key reasons…
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Why you need a signboard

A strong signboard has the potential to generate great interest in your property from the first day it goes on the market. It’s an essential part of your marketing campaign and you should work with your agent to produce the strongest possible image and messaging to lure buyers. Without a signboard, buyers will be confused.…
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How to use a deposit bond

One of the biggest challenges to owning a first home is saving for a deposit. Many buyers find their ideal property before the task of gathering a deposit is complete yet still want to move forward. One solution can be a financial instrument called a Deposit Bond. At its most basic, it’s an insurance policy…
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Tips for buying at auction

Many buyers are unnecessarily frightened of auctions. The drama of the deadline, the patter of the auctioneer and the crowds competing to bid can be intimidating to newcomers. But if the property you love is for sale by auction, it pays to be prepared. Here are some tips to help: Attend as many open for…
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5 reasons why you should go to auction

Many sellers fear auctions, but here are 5 reasons why an auction is the best way to sell your home.

What happens if my property gets passed in at auction?

What happens if your property doesn’t sell at auction? Here’s what to expect.