Month: July 2019

Should you get a depreciation schedule for your investment property?

If you’re an investor and not using a depreciation schedule for your property, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in tax rebate. Costs and depreciation associated with your property can be deducted each year from your taxable income to improve your after-tax cash flow.  Every circumstance is different but many investment properties…
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9 ways to achieve Hamptons style

Hamptons-style homes are luxurious and airy – perfect for Australia yet created half a world away on for the coastline of Long Island, New York. Their elegant, timeless embrace of natural timbers, natural light and outdoor living has made this design approach hugely popular and a high-value choice for renovators. Hamptons homes are immediately recognisable…
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7 ways to identify trouble in older homes

If you’re thinking about buying an older home, it’s essential you conduct a building inspection to check if there are any flaws. Even if issues are revealed, you may still decide to go ahead with the purchase, but it’s important you have a solid idea about the cost of any repairs.  Discuss with your builder…
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