Month: September 2018

Things you don’t need when selling your home

What are the most common things that are cluttering up your life? Here’s a list of the first things to declutter when you decide to sell.

5 ways to declutter your home

Decluttering your home is essential if you’ve made the decision to sell. Here’s where to start.

6 affordable ways to update your bathroom

A dowdy bathroom can be a big turn-off for buyers. But here’s 6 ways to make your bathroom shine at sale time.

5 reasons to sell in Spring

Is Spring the best time to sell your home? Here are five reasons why.

5 reasons why you should go to auction

Many sellers fear auctions, but here are 5 reasons why an auction is the best way to sell your home.

What happens if my property gets passed in at auction?

What happens if your property doesn’t sell at auction? Here’s what to expect.

3 things to do before you sell

Thinking about selling your home, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to become a confident seller.