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How parents can help their kids buy a home

Loan guarantees are possibly the fastest way to help young, first-home buyers enter the market. In most cases, parents will mortgage a portion of their own home to help their children meet property prices that would otherwise be beyond their reach. It’s a popular strategy when a market dips and buyers want to move quickly…
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7 ways to identify trouble in older homes

If you’re thinking about buying an older home, it’s essential you conduct a building inspection to check if there are any flaws. Even if issues are revealed, you may still decide to go ahead with the purchase, but it’s important you have a solid idea about the cost of any repairs.  Discuss with your builder…
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17 steps to buying a home

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and confronting moments in your life. While the blizzard of paperwork can seem overwhelming, don’t get caught up in the magnitude of the task. Take it one step at a time. There’ll be many people on your journey to help you, including your financial adviser, solicitor…
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How to use a deposit bond

One of the biggest challenges to owning a first home is saving for a deposit. Many buyers find their ideal property before the task of gathering a deposit is complete yet still want to move forward. One solution can be a financial instrument called a Deposit Bond. At its most basic, it’s an insurance policy…
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How to minimise the risks of buying off the plan

Horror stories of buying new apartments off the plan are easy to find but can blow the risks far out of proportion. To make a successful purchase, it’s essential you conduct your own research and take extensive advice from a financial adviser as well as your solicitor or conveyancer. They should be familiar with off-the-plan…
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9 tips to feng shui your apartment

Feng shui is a powerful strategy when trying to sell your apartment and can add thousands of dollars to its value if you get it right. If you’re a buyer in the market, you’ll find the logic of feng shui will resonate strongly. The surrounding area is actually more important from a feng shui perspective…
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Why you should sell before you buy

It’s one of the most common and persistent real estate questions – should you sell your current home before you buy? Or buy before you sell? If you’re somebody who’ll get cold sweats at night because you’ve doubled your debt with a bridging loan to buy a new home before selling the current one, then…
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Should you buy a house to knock down and rebuild?

The task of finding or building your perfect family home comes with big choices. You can house-hunt by trawling the online listings and visiting real estate agent offices to spend weekends in search of the perfect property. Or, you might focus on finding the best plot of land, which may be vacant or have a…
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8 expenses to budget for before you buy a home

An outline of the eight major additional expenses – on top of your deposit – that you’ll need to budget for.

Why apartments make lifestyle sense

A cheaper entry price, convenience and a desire to maximise leisure time are three key benefits to buying an apartment rather than a house. Any decision should be weighed against your financial and property ownership goals, of course, but often the mental tug of war between buying a house or an apartment is ultimately influenced…
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