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10 tips for a top laundry

The laundry is no longer the little room at the back of the house that you try to hide away. It has become a focal point for modern buyers who want an organised workspace rather than an indoor junkyard of everyday junk that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. An average of six hours each week…
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Investing in a holiday house

Who hasn’t been on holiday and stopped at the window of the local real estate agent to dream about buying a holiday home to escape the rate race? Whether it’s a ski chalet, lakeside cabin or an apartment overlooking the beach, the idea of having your own bolthole in a beautiful part of the world…
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7 things to watch for when working with a builder

Renovation rather than taking the next step on the property ladder can be tempting strategy as it avoids taxes such as stamp duty that can add significantly to the costs of upgrading. Yet, there’s a tax to renovation – the taxing of your stress levels. Many home owners come away from a renovation scarred and…
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Tips for choosing an agent

Tips and advice on choosing and agent.

5 ways to declutter your home

Decluttering your home is essential if you’ve made the decision to sell. Here’s where to start.

5 reasons to sell in Spring

Is Spring the best time to sell your home? Here are five reasons why.

5 reasons why you should go to auction

Many sellers fear auctions, but here are 5 reasons why an auction is the best way to sell your home.

What happens if my property gets passed in at auction?

What happens if your property doesn’t sell at auction? Here’s what to expect.

3 things to do before you sell

Thinking about selling your home, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to become a confident seller.